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Raizcorp Pty Ltd
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Raizcorp, the home of the Real entrepreneur
Raizcorp supports entrepreneurs at different stages of their journeys to reach their full potential as entrepreneurs and to achieve success in their businesses. Over the past 20 years, we have supported over 15 000 businesses on intensive incubation programmes as well as an additional 15 000 businesses through other non-incubation engagements. At any given time, we support over 500 businesses on our high-touch business growth programmes while serving a further 3 000 entrepreneurs or would-be entrepreneurs annually on our other entrepreneurial development programmes. Since its inception in 2000, Raizcorp has evolved to now support other incubators and accelerators with incubation software and methodologies to ensure a higher probability of impact and incubator sustainability. Owing to the breadth of our activities, we are instrumental in supporting and building entrepreneurial ecosystems in rural, peri-urban and urban contexts.