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South Africa
Integrating the world of talent and technology. Offering innovative solutions to transform talent practices in business
As an innovative technology-driven organization, our leading online psychometric assessments, leadership gamification, Vitalenty 360 surveys and TalenTalk career discussion software enable us to provide bespoke solutions to our clients, instead of following the traditional “off the shelf” approach.
Call us on 082 907 3307, or email us at
    Vitalenty Leadership 360 Assessment
    A comprehensive leadership 360 survey helping leaders identify strengths and developmental opportunities
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    Psychometric Assessments
    Assessments for recruitment and development, supporting better decision making and avoiding risk
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    Leadership Gamification
    Show decision-makers how to foster Flow and use its energy to enhance the happiness of employees, customers, stakeholders and themselves
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    It's all about the sale
    9 Interactive workshops focusing on the psychology of sales.
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    Developing managers into executives, preparing your leadership of tomorrow
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