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We provide e-learning modules on topical employment issues such as ethics and sexual harassment. Our modules are important for compliance and employment relations. For employees, they help develop people management skills. Our modules are available 24/7 and up to date with current trends.
Your HR compliance & Labour relations training partner. Giving you 24/7 access to training on handling workplace issues.
E-learning courses on Ethics, Sexual Harassment, Presenting cases in internal hearings and CCMA.
    Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
    A better place to work. This module helps employees meet their legal obligation in terms of the Employment Equity Act.
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    Terms and Conditions

    The terms and conditions administrate the way in which we at Work Courses provide e-Learning modules to you.
    Please read the terms and conditions carefully before purchasing with us. These terms inform you on how we provide modules, how you and/or we may change or end the contract, what to do if there is a problem and other important information.
    Work Courses Terms and Conditions
    1. General
    • Customers who fail to complete the e-Learning module within the allocated time frame (3 months) will not be eligible for a refund.
    • Customers who purchase modules have a 3 months’ license to complete the purchased course
    • All cancellations of courses that have been purchased (involving three or more course purchases) must be in writing. This is subject to not having logged on or having attempted to begin the course within 2 days after purchase.
    • Courses Purchases wherein the respective party has purchased no more than 2 courses, cannot be cancelled.
    • All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.
    2. E-learning Material
    • The module material is property of Work Courses
    • The module material has been prepared, maintained, updated and distributed by Work Courses
    • The use of the module materials is restricted to the registered user, who has been supplied with login details by Work Courses.
    • The registered users are not permitted to copy, share, modify, distribute, or in any way exploit copyrighted materials provided by Work Courses other than their own individual learning.
    • The registered users are not permitted to allow external users to copy, use, modify or distribute the copyrighted material.
    3. Financial
    • Work Courses module payments may be made via Visa, Credit Card or MasterCard online, where the payments will be done during checkout purchase.
    • Work Courses e-learning prices are in Rands (ZAR).
    • Currency conversion charges from any other currency to that of the invoice are the client’s responsibility.
    • The customer’s payment includes the licensing of the modules for a limited period of time (3 months) that is appropriate for the e-learning content.
    • Work Courses is unable to refund a customer in the event the customer fails to complete the content within the allocated time, except at our absolute and sole discretion
    • Work Courses reserves the right to review the module pricing. This will not affect modules that have already been purchased.
    4. The Agreement
    • When you purchase Work Courses e-learning modules, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. You agree to use the e-learning material for your own personal learning and not to reproduce, sell or copy the module materials (in whole or in part)
    • Access to module material will be given after the purchase order is received for a fixed period of 3 months. Work Courses reserves the right to refuse any extension applications after the initial period at our sole discretion

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