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South Africa
This is how JOBJACK can work for you
JOBJACK is an online platform that uses the latest technology to connect employers and entry-level job seekers. JOBJACK's platform automates the recruitment process while saving your company time, resources and enables you to find relevant candidates that meet your requirements.
Let us streamline your recruitment process with pre-screening tools, an applicant tracking system, automated interview scheduling and more!
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    Personalised job board
    Create a unique link to your company's job postings, personalised to your branding.
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    Candidate pre-screening
    Candidates can be pre-screened on the platform itself. These pre-screening tools can include tests, questions, credit or criminal checks.
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    Applicant Tracking System
    Our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) allows you to manage a candidate's recruitment journey from application to interview directly on the platform.
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    Generate detailed reporting on the success of your recruitment.
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