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Hello, we're Experian.
5 tips to improve your credit health

✓ Borrow within limits
✓ Never miss a repayment
✓ Keep an eye on your credit report
✓ Avoid applying for multiple credits
✓ Keep balances low

Let us help you make better credit choices.
    What information do credit bureaus hold?
    Do you know what information a credit bureau holds? Our infographic shows you what types of information we hold.
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    Do you know when to log a dispute?
    Do you know when you should be logging a dispute? If you're unsure, our decision tree infographic could help you decide.
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    The credit bureau & what’s on your credit report?
    An interview with Mike Anderson (NSBC Founder & CEO) & Thabo Hermanus (Chief Credit & Bureau Services, Experian Africa).
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    A good credit score - how to get there?
    An interview with Mike Anderson (NSBC Founder & CEO) and Paul Nel (Head of Innovation - Experian Africa).
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    8 myths about credit reports and credit bureaus
    There are many myths about credit reports and credit bureaus. Here are some popular myths on credit bureaus, credit reports and credit scores.
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    The My Credit Check blog is a financial education resource for consumers in South Africa.

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