Solution Category: Banking & Funding
We do business in:
South Africa
We know business.
A customer-centered niche bank that delivers shareholder value by providing focused offerings into targeted market segments:
Entire 'food value chain';
Business and Commercial Banking;
Alliance Banking;
Retail Banking;
International Banking
Because we get to know the people behind them.
    Alliance Banking
    We partner with future-focussed businesses to develop innovative offerings that enable more people to access quality, reliable banking services.
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    Business Banking
    Business is personal.
    We think Business Banking should be too.
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    Our strategic focus, to serve businesses across the whole of the food value chain, is what sets us apart from any other commercial bank in the country
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    Terms and Conditions

    While we have taken care to ensure that the content on this website is accurate, this website and the service accessible on this website and your use of and reliance on the information on this website and the online services, are entirely at your own risk.

    Grobank accepts no liability for any loss or damage of whatsoever nature that may be caused, directly or indirectly, by the use of this website or reliance on any information contained therein.

    We attempt to keep information up to date and correct, but any interest rate quoted on this site must be confirmed by a Grobank Business Unit and the bank does not accept any liability for reliance placed on quoted rates in the absence of such confirmation.

    Your privacy is important to us and Grobank will protect the security and confidentiality of information shared with us by the user. User information will be treated as confidential and cannot be disclosed to third parties unless:
    We are legally obliged to do so.
    We have to disclose the information upon your request and consent in writing.

    Grobank will not be liable for any downtime, malfunction, interruption or any other failure of our website, system, databases or part thereof for reasons beyond our control. Grobank will not be liable for any damage or loss regarding customer data directly or indirectly caused by any malfunction of our system, third party systems, power failures, computer viruses or unlawful access of data on our system or third party systems or programming defects.

    Grobank will not be liable for any event over which we have no control e.g. downtime or failures for services provided by third parties such as public telecommunication service providers, internet services providers, electricity suppliers or local authorities.

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