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South Africa
Partner with a company that cares as much about your employees as you do.
Through our corporate benefits we can develop a tailored umbrella retirement fund that will meet your employees’ risk cover and long-term investment needs.

Not only do we safeguard their financial well-being, we will also make sure they receive the best possible care when they need it most.
Your employees’ wellbeing affects your business success. Make sure they’re both taken care of.
Employee Benefits that move beyond expectation.
Emergency Ambulance Assistance
In the case of a Medical Emergency, a call to the 24-Hour Contact Centre will put employees in touch with medical personnel to assist and advise.
Legal Assistance
When employees are faced with legal demands they can rely on the Legal Advice service to assist them with their legal rights and how to enforce them.
Medical Advice
24-Hour Medical Information and Advice is important in rural areas with basic medical facilities and limited access to medical practitioners.
Trauma Counselling
This service offers employees and their immediate family access to trauma counselling to assist with emotional recovery following a critical incident.

Terms and Conditions

Liberty Group Ltd is a registered Long-term Insurer, the Insurer of Umbrella Funds and an Authorised Financial Services Provider (FAIS no 2409). Terms & Conditions apply.

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