Solution Category: Business & Professional Services
We do business in:
Western Cape South Africa
Africa Global
Digemy unlocks higher performance potential by focusing on knowledge and mastery, rather than completion and "passery".
What we do:

- Increase learner knowledge by up to 500%
- Decrease learning time by up to 50%
- Increase engagement by up to 30x
- Increase bottom line profitability
How we do it:
    Get 20% off your first year when you Join the Knowledge Revolution.
    Knowledge-focused, tailored repetition
    Advanced learning algorithms continuously measure knowledge by repeating the right content, at the right time, for the right learner.
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    Real-time insights
    We track engagement, accuracy rates, and knowledge to enable facilitators, managers, and execs to measure the learning performance of their teams.
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    Gamified and rewards-based learning
    Using points, badges, and leaderboards, our engaging gamified learning experience enables you to physically incentivise learners for their hard work.
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