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Trusted by more than 25,000 global business owners, for 30 years. 500 boards each month in 21 countries.
We establish Business Owner Advisory Boards & Accountability by bringing together business owners from non-competing industries, in a confidential, small group setting, assisting each other to address real-life issues we face in our businesses – similar to a board of directors for large businesses.
Shared Wisdom, Bottom Line Success
    Sample Peer Advisory Board
    Join an Advisory Board for SME's
    Meet monthly with fellow business owners, all wanting to get to the peak of their businesses.
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    Lonely at the top? It doesn’t have to be.
    Here are 19 reasons you need to join a business owner advisory board.
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    Need to increase prices?
    Learn how to convince your customers that a price increase is reasonable and necessary.
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    Free Eye Test for your Business
    What tools are you using to make sure you have 20/20 sight of your business?
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    Terms and Conditions

    We are so confident in the value that The Alternative Board can bring to business owners, that we offer a 90 day satisfaction guarantee.
    Experience the Board and our one-on-one meetings for 3 months.
    If at the end of the 3 months you don’t get value, we will give you back your money. 100%, all of it.
    No questions asked.

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