Solution Category: Logistics & Operations
We do business in:
South Africa (National) Africa
Our vision is to be the leading integrated facilities management organisation in Africa. What is your vision?
We deliver multiple facility management solutions that enable functionality, create comfort, safety and enhance efficiency of the built and marine environments.
Integrated Facilities Solutions? Think Servest.
    Facilities Management
    Our facilities management incorporates technology to maintain your facilities, creating efficient energy management solutions and more.
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    Landscaping Solutions
    From design and planning to construction, we create and maintain striking, eco-friendly and natural landscapes, sporting and recreational facilities.
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    Pest Control
    Our expert teams of licensed pest control technicians are fully equipped to inspect, identify, treat and control all forms of pest infestations.
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    Parking Management Solutions
    Our extensive expertise in parking solutions leverages technology to offer cost effective, world-class solutions to airports, shopping malls and more.
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    Cleaning Solutions
    We understand the specialist skills, equipment and processes that each of these industries require in terms of cleaning solutions.
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    Hygiene Solutions
    We pride ourselves in providing reliable services that ensure your washrooms, kitchens and other work areas are clean, hygienic and user friendly.
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    Marine Solutions
    We specialise in providing commercial off-port limits meeting places with vessels to transfer crew, stores, ship spares, fresh water and more.
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    Advanced Security Solutions
    We provide a range of security services, including risk assessments and plans, and technology-based solutions to private and government institutions.
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    Technical Services
    We provide world class technological solutions in the paid parking, security and building management spaces.
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    Water Solutions
    Our water filtering and reverse osmosis systems gives your business access cold and filtered water from water coolers, bottled water and more.
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    Catering Solutions
    We design and operate professional catering solutions from creating and cooking set menus, canteen offerings, and event catering.
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    Office Plants
    We provide a variety of services including design of the space, guidance on the types of plant suitable, and maintenance of office plants.
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