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Bespoke branded podcasts that are produced by Hustle Central and Presented by YOU.
Hustle Central Production offers PodcastBlack, your remote podcast production solution to help you launch your own bespoke branded podcast. Start Podcasting now and enjoy the benefits of a branded podcast
1. Record your podcast on your smart device 2. Upload to our Dropbox Account 3. We craft your audio into a podcast and upload it.
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    Your turnkey solution for podcast strategy, production, distribution, and promotion.
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    Accenture ESD Podcast
    Listen to magic of ESD with entrepreneurs that are going through the Accenture South Africa Enterprise and Supplier Development Programme.
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    Terms and Conditions

    2 free episode only available when signing a 3-month contract at R1800 per month

    The editing is limited to the following:
    Podcast Episode is limited to 30 minutes.
    Production is limited to 2 changes per Episode
    Changes are limited to editing and do not include recording
    Music Production is limited to 2X1 minute productions
    Sound Effect Scheme Production is limited to 3 Sound Effect Scheme layers for the 13-episode series
    Sound Effects are limited to Sweeps, Transitions, Glitches, Booms, Impacts, Beeps, ATOMS, Drones and Stagers
    Promo Production is limited to 1X30 second productions per episode
    Voice over is limited to Hustle Central Voice over talent, additional voices will be billed for at standard voice over rates
    Voice over is limited to 1XBlack Male, Age 31 or 1 Black Female Aged 31
    Promo Copywriting is limited to 30-second copy in English.
    Video Sync limited to synchronization of still images supplied by Client
    Podcast Distribution limited to iono.FM
    Podcast Production excludes any and all graphic design and visual branding Work.

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